Update: May 5, 2022

A Hoarder gave up his hoard.

Many years ago, when buying homes in Maryvale was cheap, Kare bought a second home next to his first house – for extra storage. He did not just want to rent some storage space – he wanted the house next door so he could gain some living space. But in buying the second house he decided to move into it and use the first house as his storage space so he wouldn’t have to move all his stuff. However, the strangest thing began to happen … the new house in which he was living began to fill up with stuff. When he could not find that “thing that he knew was in the storage house”, he went out and bought what he knew he had in storage. And yard sales … oh my… what great bargains of things he found and brought home that one may eventually need. So, his second house began to accumulate and hold his second hoard. 

Another thing to know … Kare was a believer with a heart of compassion for others. And into his homes he invited the homeless to stay. In his mind he wanted to disciple those who came. He daily tuned into the TV religious broadcasts and asked is guests to listen. Some of the guests took advantage and helped themselves to his hoard and sold it to fund their addiction. Others with their sad tale of sorrow coxed Kare to “lend” them money which was never repaid.

Kare told me of his desire to obey Christ’s command to make disciples but was frustrated that so many of those whom he took into his home were not interested in the gospel. Many were looking for an easy target and Kare became that mark. So Kare asked for my input into his attempt. He liked what I had to say and decided to give Caleb Center his two houses under the condition that they be used for ministry.

And then, he walked away. It was a miracle. A hoarder gave up his hoard. 

After many yard sales to empty the houses of books, furniture, 20 filing cabinets of tools, cabinets of cooking and kitchen ware, and much that was thrown into the dumpster, and with many hours of renovation to make the homes habitable – the homes have been used to minster to many – individuals, families, veterans, and youth. 

Most recently a new couple moved into one of the homes. They will be a CARE team who is pledged to give Christlike Action that Restore and Encourage to the residents in the neighborhood. By developing relationships and listening for the needs of the community – both physical and spiritual – we believe transformation will occur in the lives of those to whom the CARE team is directed to minister.

Our desire is to populate the community with CARE Teams who will combine community development, compassionate ministry, and the gospel to create safe neighborhoods and win people to God. We envision, secure and prosperous neighborhoods where families can live without fear of shootings, where young women can walk without being hustled, and where kids can play without fear of abductions or gang recruitment. We dream of our city being freed from addictions, divorce, dropouts, unemployment and welfare dependancy. We pray that Maryvale residents may experience new hope pulsing with healthy cohesive families, community groups, excelling schools, and vibrant churches. Isaiah 61:4 shares the vision of transformation for which we pray … “rebuilding places long devastated and renewing ruined cities that have been distressed for generations”.

Just as we saw a miracle when Kare obeyed the Spirit’s leading, we are participating in the ongoing miracle of God’s grace being shared – now through a new CARE team.

To you who are faithful in supporting the ministry – I thank you. You share in the victories that are achieved. Thank you. I am grateful for …

  • those who pray
  • those who volunteer to work
  • those who are providing financial support – some by contributing each month.

I thank you for your time investing in prayer, volunteering, and giving to that which does not fade, spoil, or rust. 

Furthermore, as we continue Kare’s compassion for the homeless, we know besides housing, there exists the critical the need for a place for personal cleanliness and laundry. So, our next project in partnership with the Maryvale Church is the building of shower and laundry facilities for those homeless who become part of the church family.  …. Yesterday, I met tattooed Laura huddled and asleep in the shadow of the cross at Maryvale Church. At first, I thought someone had dumped a pie of trash. But as I took a closer look, there seemed to be a person underneath the bags. At my voice she was startled awake and asked if it was ok to rest there. I assured her it was okay; she just needed a bottle of water.  I know she is need of much more that H2O. We desire to be the arms of Christ giving the water of life to all who come in our reach. As you pray for Caleb Center – also pray for Laura. 

Thank you for sharing in this ministry to help Maryvale to flourish. Thank you for standing with us in prayer as we seek God’s guidance in every step of the way.

Pastor Dan
Caleb Center Director

Feel free to pass this along and share with others who are interested in helping us to pray for God’s transformation in Phoenix Maryvale. 
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