Update: February 10, 2023

February 10, 2023

Dear Friends

I received a phone call at my church office. “Is this the Caleb program? Will my son be welcomed there? He just got out of prison after 17 years and he is at a halfway house in your neighborhood and the environment there is not good. He is a new believer, and he needs to find a community that can help him.”

I assured this mother that the young man would indeed be welcomed. People with ankle monitors, prison records, tattoos and different hairdos are not just welcomed but are wanted here.

Another report I recently received is of another halfway house that seems to exist solely for the money – it offers little accountability; drinking is tolerated, and residents are unprotected.

With these individuals and many others, I have shed tears over the hurt and wounds that they have suffered. Their attempts to find healing and start anew are often hindered. Without a safe place offering protection and counsel, they have had to endure pain, loss, and discouragement. However, a true safe Christian community – brings healing through listening, loving acceptance, and prayer (James 5.13-20).

Thank you for your prayers. Revelation 5 says, I saw a Lamb, looking as if it had been slain, standing at the center of the throne, encircled by the four living creatures and …. the twenty-four elders who …were holding golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of God’s people (Rev 5.6-8).

We have placed a gold-colored bowl on our altar that is filled each week with prayer requests … people are seeking the Lord and finding healing in Christ. They are drawn to Christ through many avenues – many ministries and relationships.

Caleb Center, thanks to your prayers, is part of the many doors through which broken lives are being drawn and nurtured to healing.

Here is an update of our proposed plan for housing of formerly homeless people. In the northeast section         of the church property twelve “tiny houses” with 2 beds each is proposed. A first phase of 7 houses is planned. A second phase of 5 more will total 12 units.

We have been praying for God to use us to help bring healing to some of the many thousands of homeless people on our streets.

We realize that God has many good people and programs who are already ministering to many of the needs of the homeless. But a critical need that desperately needs to be addressed is – where do people go after they graduate from a treatment or drug rehab program? Back to their family, friends and neighborhood that did not protect them before? Or into an apartment where they lose the community and support they had during treatment?

Sadly, without community, many graduates return to their old friends and addictions – there are few safe places that welcome the recovering prodigal and nurtures them to full health. Homelessness is not so much a loss of a house but loss of true Community – a place of belonging, support, nurture, accountability and discovering life’s purpose.

Caleb Center is proposing to offer the programing and guidance to those graduating from a Christian treatment program, who want to continue their growth to wholeness by participation in Christian community of discipleship and accountability where they can discover God’s true purpose in their life. Maryvale Church is offering the place and support that will help bring healing.

AND WE CONTINUE TO NEED YOUR PRAYER.  If this proposal is of God (and we think it is) we want every aspect to be saturated with prayer. Along with the Maryvale Church and Caleb Center, God has brought together a team of business leaders and professionals who are donating their expertise. We feel compelled by God to do something to help alleviate the homeless problem in our city and bring transformation to individuals. We have been encouraged in our proposal by seeing several programs where “community” is bringing real long lasting transformation.  However, there are challenges that must be addressed for which we need your prayer.

The team is about ready to take this to the city planning department. This is a big hurdle. Although the city leaders say they want to help the homeless, there are many regulations and departments that want to have a say in the matter. We need prayer to cut through all the red tape.

Also, neighbors want a safe and secure neighborhood. Often a “not in my back yard” mentality has crippled many attempts to help others. However, since this is a small project with a small footprint, we believe that the neighbors will be glad the church is caring for members of the community who need a helping hand. Please pray for our communication with the neighbors.

Also, the District Church of the Nazarene has to give approval for the plan. While we have tried to keep them informed of our progress, the advisory board has jurisdiction and legitimate concerns that must be addressed. Please pray that the proper legal safeguards are put in place to ensure we are not implementing policies and a program that will hinder the mission of the Kingdom of God in this community.

We hope that in the fall of 2023, we can build the first phase of tiny houses and be ready to receive our first guests early in 2024 (or before).

And some have asked about funding … that too needs prayer. However, since the land does not need to be purchased and the cost of the homes is minimal, the business plan calls for the initial funding of building to come from private donations and grants that will not entangle the project with governmental regulations. A program fee paid by the residents will fund the ongoing discipleship and training. We can give more information on the business plan to those who are interested.

Thank you for your continued prayer that is helping us to make a difference for Christ and his kingdom here in Maryvale.


Rev. Dan Flemming,

Caleb Center Director