Our Background

Caleb Center Background

The CALEB CENTER takes its name from a man in the Bible who took a stand for truth and life amid great opposition. When Caleb shouted “give me this mountain” – he accepted the challenge of hard work that enabled him to fulfill his dream. He was radically focused on doing what was right even when it was not popular. When others saw problems, he saw opportunities; when others saw obstacles, he saw possibilities; when others were paralyzed by fear, he was energized by hope and faith. As a young man, his willingness to stand alone for truth and to work against staggering odds left a legacy of leadership that we want to establish in the culture of our community.

Just as the biblical Caleb stood for truth and courage in a culture that became fearful and dispirited due to their gigantic obstacles, so Caleb Center has heard the call to do the hard thing – stay and serve when many say it is too hard. And just as Caleb did not abandon his people but embraced them and walked with them through all the wilderness hardships that came because of their fear, so too Caleb Center seeks to embrace our neighbors and to come alongside in compassion – bearing others burdens without blame or condemnation. We want people to know that God has not abandoned them and is neither apathetic nor angry with them. The ministry of reconciliation comes alongside people to share their pain and find healing choices.

The Caleb Center, in partnership with the holistic ministry of Maryvale Church of the Nazarene, provides program participants the opportunity grow beyond the many challenges they face – single parent homes, absent fathers, homelessness, economic limitations, gang influences, etc. We seek to make a difference in young lives and their families - to improve the growth and health in meaningful and practical ways.

Partnering with a caring faith-based community offers soul care. Transformation of individuals includes the opportunity for participants to address the spiritual aspect of their lives. Caleb Center is poised to give both material care as well as spiritual care that brings healing to the total individual.