We praise God for the calling to this community. We are very thankful for the opportunity to serve God in Maryvale. It is a blessing to see the hand of God at work in sustaining and transforming the lives of people.

YOUR PRAYER NEEDS: We would love to pray with you for any needs that you have. Please send a prayer request by email to


    • Pray for the Lord of the harvest to send laborers (CARE teams) into the field of Maryvale who are teachers, nurses, social workers, entrepreneurs, ministers, fundraisers, home re-modelers, social media communicators, writers, caregivers, compassionate ministry director, youth mentors, advocates, street counselors, community organizers, participants for social justice, immigrant services, care for the homeless mentally ill and care to families of mentally ill.
    • Pray for these CARE team people to raise their financial support.
    • Pray for us to acquire 5 more houses that will enable us to embrace hurting people and provide them with a supportive network of CARE in a safe environment that restores and encourages total transformation of body, soul, and spirit.
    • Pray for those who are suffering, abused, neglected, trafficked, abandoned, targeted, addicted, disenfranchised, depressed, suicidal, angry, poor, hungry, naked, and father-less.


When one part of our body is hurting – it affects the whole person. Similarly, if one part of the community is hurting – the whole community is affected.

Those who suffer the dysfunctions of broken relationships affect the home environment, schools, and the economics of the community. We seek to work for the health and prosperity of individuals which will in turn impact the community.

Prayer helps one to enter the sufferings of others ... the ministry into which the apostle Paul was called was not to world success and fame but to suffer for the sake of the gospel (Acts 9:16). Urban transformation requires people who are willing to help bear the burdens of those who have been crushed by the tragedies of life and raised up to experience a full resurrection of life, liberty, joy, and faith.

The sacrifice of workers – walking with people through their pain - requires a massive amount of prayer support.

Will you join our prayer team so that we will not grow weary in doing good?  CONTACT US TODAY!