Our Work



Maryvale was birthed in the 1950’s as a sparkling oasis – a flourishing planned village in the desert beckoning families to a new suburban community. John F. Long, an innovative community planner and developer and his wife Mary created homes for young families and a planned village that won multiple awards as a model for city planners. Maryvale is one of the villages in metro Phoenix.

Now the sparkling innovative community is in decline. The new reality that faces Maryvale demands critical care to meet the community’s increased poverty, homelessness, crime, and great social needs.

Future Initiatives

  • Financial Assistance, mentoring, and counsel
  • Compassionate Care Center

o   After school tutoring
o   After school activity center
o   Work Opportunities
o   Mentoring
o   Summer Day Program
o   Basketball League
o   Community Clean-up days

  • Housing for CARE teams
  • Houses of refuge for veterans, graduates from prison, foster care, juvenile justice
  • Urban Training Center


Become a CARE team member

A CARE team member develops relationships in the community to discover a need that has not been met or a problem that is looking for a solution and begins to meet that need and solve that problem.

By creatively embracing and engaging others in Christ-like Actions that Restore and Encourage, team members have many options for urban development and transformation. God asked Moses, “what is in your hand?” With only a shepherd’s staff Moses as his skill set he was emboldened to release captives from their bondage. What are the resources in your hand that can be used to liberate a community?

Interested in knowing about housing, job opportunities and funding for CARE team member?