For those interested in fulfilling a call to urban ministry in Maryvale: We will work to provide support for your ministry in low-cost housing, employment  contacts or self-funding resources and spiritual support.

To support the ministry that is envisioned, Urban Missionaries (UMs) will be assisted in finding employment
in the community in their field of training with the help of our network of contacts.

Maryvale needs UMs who have prepared for urban ministry by developing critical skills in …

EDUCATION: we will connect them to employment opportunities in the Maryvale schools,

NURSING: we will connect them to with Maryvale hospital and clinics,

SOCIAL WORK: we will connect them to Dept. of Economic Resources and City of Phoenix social services,

BUSINESS: we will connect them with local employers through the Maryvale Revitalization network

MINISTRY: we will connect them with local employers through the Maryvale Revitalization network

While we have contacts in each of these areas – the UM will need to market their skill set and find the right match for their training. Part of the test of whether or not Maryvale is the right place is having God open the door for employment. To discover the right fit for you requires prayerful asking, seeking, knocking – network and filling out applications. We will provide you with lists of potential employers and the names of the HR personnel and give you our referral. For list of job opportunities, see contact list.
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There is a critical need in the inner city schools for dedicated passionate teachers who inspire students to learn and gain a vision beyond their streets and culture … teachers who understand that every student not only has a brain but also a soul that yearns to be free  … a soul that needs to be nurtured and valued … a teacher who has been prepared to serve in the context of a public school challenges and vast opportunities.


Have you been prepared to be such a missionary teacher?