Update: October 19, 2021

“Many years ago, I put a gun to his head ….  Now we are working together and worshipping Christ.” Miracles still happen. Violent men can be reformed. Mike, and Charlie (names change) had a brutal confrontation that could have ended a life. A family dispute over disrespect escalated until Mike put a gun to Charlie’s …

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UPDATE: April 18, 2021

Hudson Taylor is one of my heroes of the faith. Raised in countryside England, as a teen he dedicated his life to God and prepared for difficult service among the crowded masses of China. He chose to: sleep on the floor to prepare for hardships, limit his budget to allow for 2 small meals a …

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UPDATE: January 21, 2021

Dear Friend, I thank you for your partnership with me in ministry to the Maryvale community from the first day of pastoring in Maryvale (Easter of 2004) until now. I thank you for your love and support and prayer. This past fall during our sabbatical time, I believe that through your prayer for us, I …

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