Our Mission


Welcome to “The Caleb Center”. Our mission or purpose is simple but not easy:

“We seek to provide a hand-up and support to the at-risk youth and families in the Metro Phoenix Community of Maryvale through holistic – physical, emotional and spiritual – assistance”.

In addition to ministering to the needs of youth and their families, we also are involved with ex-offenders, homeless, mentally ill, unemployed, immigrants, and many more.

The Caleb Center comes alongside another, not as outside visitors coming in with solutions but as a friend developing relationships and collaborating with other residents to discover God’s solutions to entrenched lifestyle cycles of dysfunction that are both individual and cultural. True Compassion enters into another’s pain to ease the burden, offering God’s love and sharing the gospel contextually.

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The Caleb Center is an outgrowth of the Maryvale Church of the Nazarene which was birthed in the 1950’s and has enjoyed a long history of ministry to families and their children. The homogeneoussocio-economic community has drastically changed since the 50’s and Maryvale has experienced an economic and moral decline.

Maryvale Church has been given a vital trust – to love and serve our community as Christ taught us to do.

To continue meet the needs of the community, Maryvale Church is transforming to meet the challenges of the current mission field around us by the development of a compassionate ministry center called The Caleb Center.

True compassion is a response to God’s call and invitation to join him on mission to enter the suffering of another with him. It is not about me or my cause or about getting credit as a philanthropist. Compassion is voluntary displacement – willingly participating in the life and mission of Christ.