Embracing Maryvale With Care

Providing critical care to meet the community’s increased poverty, homelessness, crime, and great social needs.

"Look for the worst place in town – the area with greatest need and there – there start your ministry!!"

Dr. Phineas F. Bresee (1838-1915)

Welcome to The Caleb Center - A Center For Urban Development

We seek to provide a hand-up and support to the at-risk youth and families in the Metro Phoenix Community of Maryvale through holistic – physical, emotional and spiritual – assistance”.

In addition to ministering to the needs of youth and their families, we also are involved with the ex-offenders, veterans, homeless, mentally ill, the unemployed, immigrants, and many more.

The Caleb Center comes alongside another, not as an outside visitor coming in with their agenda but as a friend developing relationships and collaborating to discover solutions to entrenched lifestyle cycles of dysfunction that are both individual and cultural.  True Compassion enters another’s pain to ease the burden, offering God’s love and kindness.



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